Pilot Plants Customized to any Specifications

Pilot Plant


Stay at the forefront of process development and innovation with a ProSep Pilot Plant

We develop customized Pilot Plants to meet any set of specifications. Our team of industry experts are always excited to support you during the commissioning and testing of your Pilot Plant. In addition to selling custom-designed Pilot Plants for sale, ProSep has specialized Pilot Plants available for lease. These Pilot Plants are available for customer assessment of separation and purification technologies.


Prove your technology with a leased Pilot Plant


Gather design data for full scale implementation


Find the best possible operating conditions

Market Development

Produce real samples for customer testing

Scalable Solutions for Pilot Plants

ProSep’s collaborative team approach to design and manufacturing results in high-quality systems in a cost-efficient and time-effective manner.

Simulated Moving Bed by ProSep Ltd


ProSep’s Simulated Moving Bed systems are designed with features to reduce manual workload requirements.

Selectable Mode Simulated Moving Bed by ProSep

Selectable Mode Simulated Moving Bed

The most flexible Pilot Plant available for lease!
The control system is designed to allow the user to choose from three (3) modes of Simulated Moving Bed chromatography:

  1. Traditional (SMB)
  2. Sequential (SSMB)
  3. Intermittent (ISMB)
Membrane Filtration Pilot Plant by ProSep Ltd

Membrane Filtration

Membrane Filtration test unit and full Pilot Plant available for lease or purchase. Our full pilot plant features testing on full range of membrane technologies, testing with spiral, polymeric or tubular ceramic membranes and more!

Feasibility test unit by ProSep Ltd

Feasibility Test Unit

Available for Rent

  • 2-½“ Ø by 15” to 40” membranes
  • Ceramic or polymer membrane
  • Spiral or tubular configuration
  • Rated to 1000 psig and 150°F
  • Power requirements = 120V at 60HZ
  • Dimensions = 4' x 2' base by 4' tall
Custom Pilot Plants by ProSep Ltd

Custom Pilot Plants

These Pilot Plants were designed for customers with specific needs and have been installed worldwide

Carousel Style SSMB by ProSep Ltd

Carousel Style SSMB


  • 12-port valve assembly is also a fully functional CIX contactor
  • Depending upon SSMB process configuration, the unit can handle feed flows from 0.3 to 6.0 liters/hr.  
  • Allen-Bradley PLC controls each valve and pump while ProSep software provides process flow control for feed, desorbent, extract, and raffinate.
Selectable Mode Simulated Moving Bed by ProSep

Six-Bed Ion Exchange System

12" Ø IX columns with merry-go-round service and regeneration for the three (3) pairs of cation-anion units. Units are rubber-lined steel tanks, stainless steel and polypropylene-lined piping and valves.

Automated operation of flow control, indication, and regeneration with HCl and NaOH.

Expertly Designed For Your Needs

ProSep’s collaborative team approach to design and manufacturing results in high-quality systems in a cost and time-effective manner.
Typical pilot plants include: Chromatography using SMB Modes, Ion Exchange (Fixed Bed or Continuous) and Membrane (Polymer or Ceramic)

Lease or Purchase

Lease or purchase a customized system to meet your specific process requirements

Scalable Design

Flexible and scalable designs to accommodate changing requirements

Industry Certified

Designed and constructed to meet applicable codes and standards

Hazard Proof

Systems can be manufactured for installation in hazardous areas

User Friendly

Flexible control systems designed with client’s preferred hardware and software

Highest Quality Build

Reliable state-of-the-art designs and components are procured from industry respected suppliers recognized for the performance, high quality and durability of their products.

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ProSep Ltd is a leading international provider of advanced separation and purification equipment since 1991. Today we're engineering and installing our equipment anywhere in the world. Bringing our expertise and know-how to innovate complete solutions for our customers. 

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