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Company History

  • 1991

    ProSep Ltd. was established as a sales and representation company

  • 2010

    ProSep expanded and added Engineering to the team

  • 2013

    ProSep released its Pilot Plant rental program

  • 2015

    ProSep expanded into a new facility equipped with a state-of-the-art research and development lab

  • 2019

    ProSep partnered with BOSS LLC to develop technology for plant-based extraction and purification


Message from the President

ProSep was founded in 1991 to provide advanced separation and purification equipment for selected industries.  Since then, the company has supplied the refiners and processors of corn, beet and cane sugar with proven treatment systems for their products.

For the past two decades we have been adding leading edge technology and equipment to the ProSep product line.  If you look at our website, you will find fixed and continuous ion exchange, mechanical and pressure vessel filtration, membrane filtration and reverse osmosis, and supporting media for these types of equipment and systems.

During our first few years, most of the business was domestic, but by 2010 ProSep had supplied separation and purification systems, membranes, resin, spare parts and service to companies in over 30 countries.  Today we can ship equipment anywhere in the world or have it manufactured locally.  We are delighted to be able to bring our expertise and know-how to bear for our international customers.

As proud as we are of our past, we are even more excited for our future.  We have decided to extend our business beyond equipment supply to include expert system design, engineering, manufacturing, installation and related services.  We believe our innovative and total solutions approach will translate into superior products and exceptional value for our customers.

We are committed to the ongoing development and sustainability of ProSep, and we look forward to working with you in serving our customers for the long term.

Dennis J Burke


Meet the Staff


Dennis J. Burke

With a Degree in Chemical Engineering, and over 40 years of experience in the industry, few people are more experienced or qualified.
Luke Burke - ProSep

Luke Burke

General Manager
Trained as a Mechanical Engineer and having worked closely with every department in ProSep, Luke is the first contact for most inquiries.
Mona Olsen - ProSep

Mona Olsen

Project Manager
Having worked as a project manager at ProSep for over 30 years, Mona can help you answer almost any question.
Corey Burke - ProSep

Corey Burke

Sales Engineer
The newest addition to a constantly growing team, Corey is a Process engineer focusing primarily on new projects.
Darin Forbes - ProSep

Darin Forbes

Chemical Engineer
Trained as a Chemical engineer Darin is able to troubleshoot the most difficult process issues.

Frank Grindey

After Market Sales
The go-to contact for anything resin-related, Frank can help!

John Scott

Engineering Manager
Over 30 years of experience engineering chemical processing equipment allows John to provide solutions to any problem.

Robert Burke

With over 35 years of experience, Dr. Robert Burke is ready to help figure out exactly what our customers require.

Bill Taylor

Technical Service Specialist
On call 24/7/365 days a year, Bill is ready to service your chromatographic needs.
Guy Taylor - ProSep

Guy Taylor

Technical Service Specialist
A service specialist capable of handling all ProSep equipment offerings including IX equipment.

Case Studies


Small Spaces, Big Designs

An international sweetener company contracted ProSep to help with a US plant expansion. ProSep was challenged to design and supply purification systems that would normally require more space than available.

Working with the plant’s process engineering & design teams ProSep was successful in designing equipment that fit into the allocated spaces and that provided process capability.  This was accomplished by using multi-levels for systems, adjusting piping manifold to fit space, positioning valves and instruments in the manifolds, and by fabricating vessels with special pad flanges, nozzles, and manways


Made in USA, Installed in Asia

A corporate customer with years of experience using ProSep systems throughout the world challenged ProSep to design and build a six-bed ion exchange system that could be shipped and installed in an Asian plant for a competitive price.

Using ASME standards ProSep designed and a built system “break-away” vessel units. Piping and fittings were built to ASME standards with customer plant connections built to DIN standards.

Each vessel unit, with piping manifold in place, was shipped in a conventional shipping container. Interconnecting piping was color coded and shipped in sub-assemblies for easy connection during installation. The system was completely assembled, inspected and tested in the US before break down and shipment to Asia.


Designed in USA, Built in China

An international customer asked ProSep to provide design, engineering, and technical support for a large separation system that would be built in China. The customer had previously engaged ProSep to design equipment and to build separation systems in other countries.

ProSep designed and supplied production drawings for equipment of the separation system.  ProSep also assisted the customer with the evaluation and selection of component vendors and vessel fabricators, as well as training and QC of the selected vessel fabricator.


Nanofiltration Recovery of Regenerants

The production of highly colored salty effluent, from ion exchange resin decolorizers, has found an answer by using nanofiltration (NF).  Brine recycling plants permit a decrease in waste rejection up to 75-90%, and the NF permeate, containing NaCl and small color bodies, can be reused for regeneration of the decolorizing resin

ProSep has placed a number of systems in cane sugar refineries worldwide, and the first installed system has been in operation since 2011.


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