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Our Focus

Though we have a broad range of knowledge, our team specializes in specific market areas to bring our clients the right solutions for the projects they encounter every day. Our global presence and proven expertise has made us a trusted partner for food industry players all around the world.

Purification & Separation

Driven by your manufacturing objectives, our goal is to provide you with the most efficient processes made possible by our extensive process development and engineering capabilities.

Revolutionary Equipment

ProSep Ltd has engineered some of the most advanced equipment in the chemical separation industry. Our determination has passed onto our client's success.

World-Class Team

From R&D and pilot studies, to cane and beet sweetener production and corn milling, our team goes to great lengths to ensure quality and performance. See what ProSep Ltd can do for you to ensure a high-quality result.

Sugar Processing

Since its introduction, our sugar decolorization plants have been used by major sugar producers around the world.

Our Markets

Our primary clients are those involved or have a relation to the purification and separation of carbohydrates such as the following:

Corn wet milling and refining equipment

Corn Wet Millers/Refiners

As experts in filtration, purification, and separation, ProSep equipment can be found around the world involving corn wet mills and refinery equipment.


Beet Sugar Processors

Sugar beets represent a good share of the sucrose industry.  ProSep has technology going back decades for treating and processing sucrose from sugar beets.

cane sugar refining equipment

Cane Sugar Refiners

Perhaps the largest of all sweetener products is Sucrose from cane sugar.  Our equipment is used throughout the world to refine and purify cane sugar.


Sugar Regional Suppliers

Due to high costs of transportation it has been found that regional processing plants can benefit the sugar industry.  ProSep has installed multiple “smaller” systems to fill this need.



As the world moves towards a more sustainable future, the sugar industry moves the same direction.  Carbohydrates are a perfect base for many biofuels and fine chemicals.  ProSep has helped develop and install multiple projects in this category over the past 10 years.

ProSep Equipment

Continuous Chromatographic
Separation Systems

Simulated Moving Bed (SMB)
Sequential Simulated Moving Bed (SSMB)
Intermittent Simulated Moving Bed (ISMB)


Fixed Bed Ion Exchange
Continuous Ion Exchange
Mixed Bed Ion Exchange

Membrane Filtration

Polymeric Spiral Membranes
Ceramic Membranes


Anion Decolorizer
Vertical Plate PAC Filtration

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