Phoenix Benchtop Liquid Chromatography System FAQs

Phoenix Benchtop Liquid Chromatography Frequently Asked Questions

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What Industries does Phoenix excel in?

Phoenix excels in many different industries using different types of chromatography. Phoenix can be used in the carbohydrate, water purification, rare element, cannabis, biochemistry, and medical industries.

What types of chromatography can Phoenix perform?

Phoenix can perform Simulated Moving Bed, Sequential Simulated Moving Bed, Reverse-phase chromatography. It is also great for adsorption/ desorption processes.

Is the phoenix software difficult to use?

The Phoenix system is easy to use, it requires no technical background. ProSep also offers onsite training with every system.

How much product can a phoenix system produce?

Depending on the process Phoenix can produce up to 75L. Scroll down to contact us for a production rate estimate for your process!

Is Phoenix environmentally friendly?

Yes, the SMB or SSMB style of chromatography can use 20 times less mobile phase than traditional batch chromatography.

How much space will the Phoenix system take up?

The phoenix system can be arranged to fit your labs needs, it can take up as little space as 21” x 17”, 54 x 43 cm.

Is Phoenix a new system?

Phoenix is the improved version of the Semba Octave. The Octave has been around since 2009, it has gone through several iterations and improvements. This system has been used for several academic research projects and has been around long enough to work out all previous complications.

Do I need training to run the Phoenix system?

The Phoenix system does not require training, but training can be useful for troubleshooting issues in your process. Most issues you may encounter can easily be fixed by a lab associate.

How difficult is the maintenance?

The maintenance on the Phoenix system is fast and easy! Almost all of the maintenance comes from cleaning or replacing the seals or check valves on the pumps.

Why would I choose Phoenix over another benchtop chromatography system?

Phoenix is a canvas for your process, there is no need to pay for anything you don’t need. You can add instruments to measure pressure, temperature, UV- VIS, conductivity, pH, mass flow rate, density and more. It is the most versatile benchtop liquid chromatography system on the market.

How many inlets and outlets does Phoenix have?

Phoenix has four inlets and four outlets but can utilize sub steps and additional pumps to run up to a maximum of eight inlets and outlets. It can also be configured with a second system to create a 16-column process.

Is the software easy to use?

The Phoenix software is very intuitive, and anyone can create a process in the software. You can edit the process at any time, it also records all system faults with the time and cause of fault.

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