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Serving the Global Sweetener Industry Worldwide Since 1991

Welcome To ProSep Ltd.

Our team at ProSep Ltd. is highly experienced and has been providing breakthroughs in liquid separation technology for 30 years.
As a leading engineering firm in the industry, our products and services are built upon the highest standards, integrity and innovation. Our relationships with our clients mean everything to us, in which, we strive to keep providing the best technology and service on a worldwide scale.

Relentless focus on


ProSep's industrial equipment offers high performance and custom solution processes for the purification of your food ingredients


ProSep's innovative engineering team is composed of members that are integrated directly at our sites, interacting daily with operations, and also with external partners. Using the latest technology and innovative nature, we have achieved revolutionary, trusted purification and separation equipment around the world


ProSep offers custom manufacturing and process development for: fine chemicals, chromatographic separation, demineralization, membrane filtration, decolorization & more 


ProSep is a leading provider of carbohydrate refining equipment for corn millers, beet sugar processors, cane sugar refiners, sugar suppliers and biorefiners

Our Products

Our liquid separation equipment has been tried and proven around the world. View which ProSep product is right for you.

Our Expertise


Styles of Ion Exchange
Fixed Beds
Continuous Ion Exchange
Layered Bed
Packed Bed


Simulated Moving Bed (SMB)
Sequential Simulated Moving Bed (SSMB)
Intermittent Simulated Moving Bed (ISMB)
Elution Chromatography
Affinity Chromatography
Ion Exchange Chromatography


Reverse Osmosis
Polymeric Membranes
Ceramic Membranes


Our complete decolorization plant utilizes water reclamation to achieve the lowest operating costs possible.


Tower Vacuum Degasifier
Forced Draft Degasifier
Syrup Flash Tank

Industries Served

ProSep has delivered completed projects in a diverse range of industries around the world. Our commitment to the highest quality engineering, design and products has been recognized worldwide.

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ProSep understands that our commitment to excellence requires not only highly trained and qualified personnel, but also a diverse and dedicated supplier base. We search the marketplace for companies that share our commitment to customer satisfaction and to our value system.


ProSep will "Partner" with these companies by incorporating their resources and experience, as well as their commitment to the quality that goes into a finished product that our customers can rely on for long lasting service. We continue to represent a number of manufacturers of liquid purification products. These companies provide products we do not manufacture but are necessary for our engineered solutions.

Federal Screen Products - ProSep ltd partner
Ionex separations - ProSep ltd partner
Purolite - ProSep Ltd partner
BOSS LLC logo - ProSep Ltd partner
atech innovations gmbh logo - ProSep ltd partner
Hydranautics logo - ProSep Ltd partner

World-Class Pilot Plants

We customize each pilot plant with specific and proven equipment, controls, and instrumentation to deliver the research objectives and solutions you require.  

The ProSep Advantage

At ProSep Ltd, we've earned a reputation for supplying refiners and processors of corn, beet, and cane sugar with the finest separation and purification treatment systems in the world. We're delighted to be able to serve and provide our customers with world-class equipment and service.

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  • Custom Engineering
  • Research & Development
  • Equipment Longevity

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  • Address: 9251 N 2nd St, Roscoe, IL 61073 USA

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